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Data and AI policy, systems, and tools for times of crisis

This special collection explores the challenges, opportunities, and innovative approaches related to data policy development and implementation to address crises, such as natural disasters, public health emergencies, humanitarian crises, or other disruptive events.

The primary objective of this special collection is to explore the transformative potential of data and AI policy in relation to data and AI systems and tools for crisis management and crisis governance while contributing to building a more resilient and data-driven world. In this context, the special collection will pursue the following specific objectives:

  1. examining the scientific, political, and societal frameworks involved in data and AI policy addressing crisis situations;
  2. exploring the underlying ethical, human rights, and humanitarian frameworks needed to support data and AI policy during crisis situations; and
  3. supporting the development of systems, tools, and services that promote the responsible practice and use of data and AI when generating scientific evidence in crisis situations and guiding decision making in preparedness and response.

Overall this special collection will contribute to advancing knowledge and fostering effective data and AI policy frameworks as well as the data and AI science system and tools that can support decision-making, improve response efforts, and enhance the resilience of first responders and communities in times of crisis.