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Reading: Approaches to Open Data for Science in Spain


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Approaches to Open Data for Science in Spain


E Wulff-Barreiro

Marine Sciences Institute of Andalusia, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Campus Universitario Rio San Pedro s/n, 11510 Puerto Real (Cádiz)
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As observational data has attained new legal status, allowing their integration into open Internet systems, and experimental data continues to be assembled in common and free platforms, state of the art, easy to access data repositories have been designed in Spain. These repositories have removed many obstacles to re-utilization of GIS and other data. European legislation has also made advances in opening biodiversity data, including a European space in the Latin-American grid infrastructure. Open access biomedical repositories attract commercial attention while astronomical, meteorological, and oncological institutions promote data quality and access. This paper describes recent approaches to open access data for science in Spain.
How to Cite: Wulff-Barreiro, E., 2011. Approaches to Open Data for Science in Spain. Data Science Journal, 10, pp.13–23.
Published on 07 Oct 2011.
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