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Reading: CISTI'S Activities in Support of Scientific Data Management in Canada 2008-2010


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CISTI'S Activities in Support of Scientific Data Management in Canada 2008-2010


Mary Zborowski

National Research Council Canada, Strategy and Development Branch (NRC-SDB), 1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa ON Canada K1A 0R6
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In the Canadian research environment, it is difficult for researchers to effectively discover, access, and use data sets, except for those that are the most well known. Several recent reports have discussed the issues around "lost" data sets: those which are intended to be shared but cannot be identified and utilized effectively because of insufficient associated metadata. Both problems are approaching critical levels in Canada and internationally, a situation that is unacceptable because these data sets are often generated as a result of public funding. Solutions may involve providing support and training for researchers on how they can best collect and manage their data sets or developing gateways to scientific data sets. NRC-CISTI is the largest comprehensive source of scientific, technical, and medical information in North America, with a mandate to serve as Canada's national science library. Through its publishing arm, NRC Research Press, it is also Canada's foremost scientific publisher. NRC-CISTI is an organization with demonstrated expertise in metadata management, which, until recently, focused primarily on library and publishing contexts. However in November 2007, it formally committed to expand its agenda to address the management of scientific research data and the related critical needs of the research community. This paper presents NRC-CISTI's activities in this area. NRC-CISTI has begun by hosting forums in which the critical players (including the granting agencies) mapped out targets and approaches. It has strengthened its own internal expertise regarding metadata and management of scientific data sets. Finally, NRC-CISTI is developing a gateway Web site which will provide access to Canadian scientific data sets and related metadata, tools, educational resources, and other informative and collaborative tools urgently needed by Canadian and international researchers. NRC-CISTI is the sponsoring body for the Canadian National Committee for CODATA and is committed to promoting and supporting CNC/CODATA's initiatives.
How to Cite: Zborowski, M., 2009. CISTI'S Activities in Support of Scientific Data Management in Canada 2008-2010. Data Science Journal, 8, pp.27–33. DOI:
Published on 23 Mar 2009.
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