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Reading: Nest and Unnest Operators in Nested Relations


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Nest and Unnest Operators in Nested Relations


Georgia Garani

Dept of Computer Science and Telecommunications, Technological Educational Institute, Larissa 41110, Greece, GR
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By distinguishing nested attributes as Decomposable and Non-Decomposable, it is proved that for all nested relations, unnesting and then renesting on the same attribute yields the original relation subject only to the elimination of duplicate data. Therefore, the statement that was popular in nested relations research: "Unnesting and then nesting on the same attribute of a nested relation does not always yield the original relation" is reconsidered.
How to Cite: Garani, G., (2008). Nest and Unnest Operators in Nested Relations. Data Science Journal. 7, pp.57–64. DOI:
Published on 27 May 2008.
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