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Reading: A Philosophy Research Database to Share Data Resources


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A Philosophy Research Database to Share Data Resources


Jili Cheng

Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, CASS, Beijing, 100732
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Philosophy research used to rely mainly on the traditional published journals and newspapers for collecting or communicating data. However, because of financial limits or lack of capability to collect data, required published materials and even restricted materials and developing information from research projects often could not be obtained. The rise of digital techniques and Internet opportunities has allowed data resource sharing of philosophy research. However, although there are several ICPs with large-scale comprehensive commercial databases in the field in China, no real non-profit professional database for philosophy researchers exists. Therefore, in 2002, the Philosophy Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences began a project to build "The Database of Philosophy Research." Until Mar. 2006 the number of subsets had reached 30, with more than 30,000 records, retrieval services reached 6,000, and article-reading reached 30,000. Because of the concept of intellectual property, the service of the database is currently limited to the information held in CASS. Nevertheless, this is the first academic database for philosophy research, so its orientation is towards resource-sharing, leading users to data, and serving large number of demands from other provinces and departments.
How to Cite: Cheng, J., 2007. A Philosophy Research Database to Share Data Resources. Data Science Journal, 6, pp.S968–S972. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 2007.
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