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Reading: The Modes of Data Development in the Internet Age


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The Modes of Data Development in the Internet Age


Yuxian Wu

Institute of Economics CASS, Beijing, 100836
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It is historical that data development has its own mode (collect, treatment, delivery, store, and use), from Manual mode, Mechanism mode, and Electronic mode, now to the Network mode. And search engine plus self-learning is the advanced mode of data development. Network mode has also been changing, the underlying motivation exits in the development & progress of Internet itself. There are two huge trends force the mode of data development to face new challenge & make decision. One is the revolution resulted by the change of the user market need & represented by Web2.0. Another is the revolution resulted by technological developing tendency & represented by Grid. Squeezed by the two huge trends from opposite directions, the lagging, crude and inefficient mode will change revolutionarily forced by wise decision-making or silent market. As for data-development mode, the change of technology & operation need the change of game rule simultaneously. So eliminating barriers, promoting resource-sharing, rationalize relations of market/non-market is to be a big inescapable work
How to Cite: Wu, Y., 2007. The Modes of Data Development in the Internet Age. Data Science Journal, 6, pp.S962–S967. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 2007.
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