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Reading: The Development and Usage of the Overseas Sinology Database


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The Development and Usage of the Overseas Sinology Database


Ling Bao

Library of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, Beijing, 100732
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The Overseas Sinology Database is composed of three databases: scholar, organization, and journal. The thesis database is regard as separate and is attached to the scholar database. The database information comes from major areas of the world, especially the countries adjacent to China, and updates are done continuously. The Sinology Database is in several different languages and should satisfy the differing needs of data collection and database application. The data quality is strictly controlled during the whole data life cycle, which includes data collection, processing, storage, and accessing. In addition, according to the standards and specifications of the metadata, metadata are created to accompany the data, which satisfies the cooperation among different databases. Finally, besides the function of searching, statistical calculation, and sorting, the database is also used for data mining and knowledge discovery. Through these methods, conclusions about changes in Sinology can be drawn, which will aid us in understanding the world and China in particular.
How to Cite: Bao, L., 2007. The Development and Usage of the Overseas Sinology Database. Data Science Journal, 6, pp.S930–S940. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 2007.
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