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Reading: An Improved Parallel DNA Algorithm of 3-SAT


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An Improved Parallel DNA Algorithm of 3-SAT


Wei Liu ,

College of Mathematics and Information, Lu Dong University, Yantai 264025
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Shou Xia Sun,

Beijing University of Technology, The College of Applied Science, Beijing100022
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Ying Guo

Department of Communication Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083
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There are many large-size and difficult computational problems in mathematics and computer science. For many of these problems, traditional computers cannot handle the mass of data in acceptable timeframes, which we call an NP problem. DNA computing is a means of solving a class of intractable computational problems in which the computing time grows exponentially with problem size. This paper proposes a parallel algorithm model for the universal 3-SAT problem based on the Adleman-Lipton model and applies biological operations to handling the mass of data in solution space. In this manner, we can control the run time of the algorithm to be finite and approximately constant.
How to Cite: Liu, W., Sun, S.X. and Guo, Y., 2007. An Improved Parallel DNA Algorithm of 3-SAT. Data Science Journal, 6, pp.S566–S570. DOI:
Published on 20 Sep 2007.
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