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Reading: A Vision for Global Research Data Infrastructures


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A Vision for Global Research Data Infrastructures


Costantino Thanos

Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR)
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New high-throughput scientific instruments, telescopes, satellites, accelerators, supercomputers, sensor networks, and running simulations are generating massive amounts of data. In order to be able to exploit these huge volumes of data, a new type of e-infrastructure, the Global Research Data Infrastructure (GRDI), must be developed for harnessing the accumulating data and knowledge produced by the communities of research. This paper identifies the main challenges faced by the future GRDIs, defines a conceptual framework for GRDIs based on the ecosystem metaphor, describes a core set of functionality that these GRDIs must provide, and gives a set of recommendations for building the future GRDIs.
How to Cite: Thanos, C., 2013. A Vision for Global Research Data Infrastructures. Data Science Journal, 12, pp.71–90. DOI:
Published on 10 Sep 2013.
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