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William Anderson

Data Science Journal Editor
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This special section of the Data Science Journal represents an experiment in what might be called “post-hoc open peer review”. The DSJ received the paper in this section in 2011. The anonymous reviews of this submission were so constructive and informative that the Editors decided to ask the reviewers and the authors if we could publish the reviews, the authors’ responses, and the revised paper as one special section. All parties agreed. The Editors think that the conversation contained in the reviews and the author responses provides context for the paper as well as contributing to the world-wide conversations on sharing research data that are going on among researchers, policy makers, educators, and the general public (Arzberger, et al., 2004; Schofield, et al., 2009). The structure of this special section is based on a process used by The Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP).
How to Cite: Anderson, W., 2012. Editor's Note:. Data Science Journal, 11, pp.DS1–DS2. DOI:
Published on 01 Mar 2012.
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