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Reading: Constructing an Intelligent Patent Network Analysis Method


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Constructing an Intelligent Patent Network Analysis Method


Chao-Chan Wu ,

Department of Cooperative Economics, Feng Chia University, 100, Wen-Hwa Road, Seatwen, Taichung 40724, Taiwan, TW
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Ching-Bang Yao

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 43, Sec. 4, Keelung Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan . Department of Information Management, Chinese Culture University, 55, Hwa-Kang Road, Yang-Ming-Shan, Taipei 11114, Taiwan, TW
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Patent network analysis, an advanced method of patent analysis, is a useful tool for technology management. This method visually displays all the relationships among the patents and enables the analysts to intuitively comprehend the overview of a set of patents in the field of the technology being studied. Although patent network analysis possesses relative advantages different from traditional methods of patent analysis, it is subject to several crucial limitations. To overcome the drawbacks of the current method, this study proposes a novel patent analysis method, called the intelligent patent network analysis method, to make a visual network with great precision. Based on artificial intelligence techniques, the proposed method provides an automated procedure for searching patent documents, extracting patent keywords, and determining the weight of each patent keyword in order to generate a sophisticated visualization of the patent network. This study proposes a detailed procedure for generating an intelligent patent network that is helpful for improving the efficiency and quality of patent analysis. Furthermore, patents in the field of Carbon Nanotube Backlight Unit (CNT-BLU) were analyzed to verify the utility of the proposed method.
How to Cite: Wu, C.-C. and Yao, C.-B., 2012. Constructing an Intelligent Patent Network Analysis Method. Data Science Journal, 11, pp.110–125. DOI:
Published on 12 Nov 2012.
Peer Reviewed


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