CODATA China was very pleased to organize the 1st Scientific Data Conference – Scientific Research Big Data and Data Science, which was held in Beijing, China on 24–25 February 2014. Participants included more than 400 domestic experts, scholars and students from universities, research institutions and industry.


Group Photo of 1st Scientific Data Conference.

The Conference aimed to improve understanding of the central issues in the era of Big Data, to promote multidisciplinary communication and collaboration, to help the development of young data scientists, to encourage the revitalization of traditional research approaches and to contribute to and support the Chinese national strategy to promote innovation. Around the world, there is talk of a ‘data revolution’ – this conference aimed to place China at the forefront of this revolution, providing the communication, skills and training to help Chinese scientists seize the opportunities of Big Data and ‘ride the wave’ of increasing data volumes, velocity and variety. Spanning two days, the conference featured two plenary sessions and fourteen breakout sessions. There were four major keynotes, three invited reports and three reports on projects and initiatives. The keynote lectures focused on the hot issues in the Big Data era, including integration and notation of Big Data, development opportunities and major challenges for science and technology. The breakout sessions also included technical sessions and open forums, with topics including:


Academiacan GUO Huadong made keynote lecture.


Plenary Session.


Breakout Session.

At the closing ceremony Prof. LI Jianhui, secretary-general of CODATA-China, made a concluding speech thanking the participants and described CODATA-China’s aspirations for the future. He also announced the forthcoming book Scientific Discovery in Big Data Era (now published) and that the 2nd Scientific Data Conference - Data, Science and the Silk Road Economic Belt would be held in Lanzhou in August 2015. The conference was one of the most successful academic activities to have been convened in the 30 years since CODATA-China was set up.

This collection of the Data Science Journal brings together the papers presented at this conference, providing insight into the current state of the art in China for data. The papers were selected and reviewed by the conference organizers as a fitting and representative collection of the discussions and insights presented at the conference. The organizers would like in particular to thank Diane Rumble for her assiduous editorial work for this special conference collection.

The selected papers consist of research work in three categories: 1) common technologies in data science, 2) data science research and 3) applications of data science in different domains.

Seven of the selected papers are concerned with the critical need for common technologies in data science:

Data science has attracted the attention of researchers from different domains:

There are novel applications in data science and related research areas:

These papers introduce the development of data science from a range of different perspectives. They help us get an overall understanding of the common or the most popular techniques used in data science research and applications. I hope you find them interesting and illuminating.

Prof. Li Jianhui

Secretary-General, CODATA-China

Director, Scientific Data Center, Computer Network information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences