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Proceedings Papers

Mathematical Tools for Geomagnetic Data Monitoring and the Intermagnet Russian Segment

  • Anatoly Soloviev
  • Shamil Bogoutdinov
  • Alexei Gvishiani
  • Ruslan Kulchinskiy
  • Jacques Zlotnicki


In this paper, a new approach to the detection of anomalies in geophysical records is connected with a fuzzy mathematics application. The theory of discrete mathematical analysis and collection of algorithms for time series processing constructed on its basis represents the results of this research direction. These algorithms are the consequence of fuzzy modeling of the logic of an interpreter who visually recognizes anomalies in records. They allow analyzing large data sets that are not subjected to manual processing. The efficiency of these algorithms is demonstrated in several important geophysical applications. Plans for an extension of the Russian INTERMAGNET segment are presented.

Year: 2013
Volume 12
Page/Article: WDS114-WDS11
DOI: 10.2481/dsj.WDS-019
Published on Feb 24, 2013
Peer Reviewed