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Proceedings Papers

Data Quality and Curation

  • Kevin Ashley


Data quality is an issue that touches on every aspect of the research data landscape and is therefore appropriate to examine in the context of planning for future research data infrastructures. As producers, researchers want to believe that they produce high quality data; as consumers, they want to obtain data of the highest quality. Data centres typically have stringent controls to ensure that they only acquire and disseminate data of the highest quality. Data managers will usually say that they improve the quality of the data they are responsible for. Much of the infrastructure that will emit, transform, integrate, visualise, manage, analyse, and disseminate data during its life will have dependencies, explicit or implicit, on the quality of the data it is dealing with.
Year: 2013
Volume 12
Page/Article: GRDI65-GRDI68
DOI: 10.2481/dsj.GRDI-011
Published on Jul 30, 2013
Peer Reviewed