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Research Papers

Extended OQL for Object Oriented Parallel Query Processing

  • S G Fountoukis
  • M P Bekakos


Herein, an extension to the object query language (OQL) for incorporating binary relational expressions is investigated. The extended query language is suitable for query submissions to an object oriented database, whose functionality is based upon the algebra of binary relations. Algebraic expressions, consisting of simple and multiple merged chains of binary relations, are stated in SQL syntax-based object queries, which are utilized by a multiwavefront algorithm mapped on a multi-directional multi-functional engine(M2FE), for object oriented parallel query processing. The proposed extension also attempts to solve other object oriented database issues, such as inheritance, relationships between objects and literals, and recursive queries.
Year: 2007
Volume 6
Page/Article: 121-136
DOI: 10.2481/dsj.6.121
Published on Oct 10, 2007
Peer Reviewed