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Research Papers

Data publication in the open access initiative

  • Jens Klump
  • Roland Bertelmann
  • Jan Brase
  • Michael Diepenbroek
  • Hannes Grobe
  • Heinke Höck
  • Michael Lautenschlager
  • Uwe Schindler
  • Irina Sens
  • Joachim Wächter


The 'Berlin Declaration' was published in 2003 as a guideline to policy makers to promote the Internet as a functional instrument for a global scientific knowledge base. Because knowledge is derived from data, the principles of the 'Berlin Declaration' should apply to data as well. Today, access to scientific data is hampered by structural deficits in the publication process. Data publication needs to offer authors an incentive to publish data through long-term repositories. Data publication also requires an adequate licence model that protects the intellectual property rights of the author while allowing further use of the data by the scientific community.
Year: 2006
Volume 5
Page/Article: 79-83
DOI: 10.2481/dsj.5.79
Published on Jun 28, 2006
Peer Reviewed