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Research Papers

Spatio-temporal database support for long-period scientific data

  • M Breunig
  • AB Cremers
  • S Shumilov
  • J Siebeck


The quickly increasing number of spatio-temporal applications in fields like environmental management, geology and mobile communication is a new challenge to the development of database management systems. After discussing the related work we present concepts and implementations for the modelling and persistent management of geological long-period scientific data. The spatio-temporal classes are based upon GeoToolKit, an object-oriented 3D/4D geodatabase kernel system. Range queries on spatio-temporal objects are described in detail. We demonstrate the application of the spatio-temporal model with the balanced restoration of structural Rhine Basin evolution, an ambitious geological application. Finally, we give an outlook on our future research in the context of spatio-temporal database services.
Year: 2003
Volume 2
Page/Article: 175-191
DOI: 10.2481/dsj.2.175
Published on Nov 19, 2003
Peer Reviewed